Why Scrutiny3 Works

Extensive time has been spent working with and talking to scrutineers to understand their needs.

Situations encountered at real competitions, both large and small, have helped to refine Scrutiny3 into a system that is flexible enough to handle the smallest of events, where the combining of competition sections is common place, through to the largest international multi-day events, where Scrutiny3 is capable of handling an almost limitless number of competitors per competition section.

Scrutiny3 has been developed by Mr Francois Triegaardt, who was not only a championship level dancer and a BDC (British Dance Council) qualified scrutineer, but he is also a qualified computer professional with a Masters Degree (Cum Laude) with major in Computer Sciences.

Plus in Scrutiny3 the emphasis is on the ease of use of the software. That is why, if you need to rectify any errors you may have made, you can simply return to the competition sections marks with the click of the mouse and correct the error. No messing with information in the database. Simply select the "Rescrutineer" option and Scrutiny3 will present you with all the marks as you entered them.


What makes Scrutiny3 special?


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