Scrutiny3 Features List

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bullet point Easy to Setup
bullet point Superior speed and accuracy
bullet point Recognised by the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF)
bullet point Scrutiny3 conforms to the Skating System
bullet point Supports Repechagé (redance rounds)
Capacity (in general)
bullet point Maximum Number of Couples in a Competition Unlimited
bullet point Maximum Number of Adjudicators in a Competition Unlimited
bullet point Maximum Number of Adjudicating Panels Unlimited
bullet point Maximum Number of Events in a Competition Unlimited
  These limits are theoretical limits based on relational database technology
Capacity (per event)
bullet point Maximum Number of Adjudicators 30 adjudicators per panel *
bullet point Maximum Number of Dances 10 dances per event *
bullet point Maximum Number of Competitors 9,999 competitors per event *
  * These limits can be changed but printouts would need to be updated.
Scrutineering Functions
bullet point Requested number of recalls (recall majority) can be changed on-the-fly
bullet point Add competitors to initial round while capturing marks/callbacks
bullet point Capture Adjudicators marks in any of the following orders
View sample reports
bullet point in cloth number order
bullet point in position number order
bullet point in a random order - match capture order to order on adjudicator sheet
bullet point Preview and even printout a provisional result sheet, before making final decision on number of competitors to recall to the next round
bullet point Verify data input by scrutineer using the new Input Validation Sheet
bullet point Marks for each adjudicator are printed in the same format as they were entered
bullet point Allows for quick and easy comparison of adjudicators card with the marks as entered
bullet point Full Rollback/Rescrutineer functionality
bullet point Rescrutineer any round with minimum effort
bullet point Simply select a round from the list of scrutineered sections
bullet point Elect to either restart the round or to edit the existing marks
bullet point Great for fixing data entry errors quickly and easily
bullet point No messing with data in the database
bullet point Support for disqualification of competitors in rounds and finals
bullet point Add, edit and define styles, dances, dance sequences, age groups, grades and sections
bullet point Once setup, this information is shared between competitions
bullet point Get started immediately using our Quick Start database
bullet point This database has a series of common terms and section defined so that you can start scrutineering immediately
Competitor Entries
bullet point Import facilities for competitor names and representations
bullet point Enter competitors into competition sections by cloth number, name or identifier
bullet point Bulk entry allows for entry of ranges of numbers in one easy step
bullet point Competitor and adjudicator names shared across all competition events
Intuitive Screens
bullet point Unique auto-hide menu for maximum work area on the screen
bullet point Navigate using either the mouse or the cursor keys
bullet point All screens have been designed with a default data-capture path which means you can use enter key to navigate between fields
bullet point Works with any Windows printer
View sample reports
bullet point Select the type and quantity of reports that should automatically print after scrutineering a round or final.
bullet point Predefined reports, fully conforming to the Skating System notation.
bullet point Reports include:
bullet point Final Mark Sheet (include Rule 10 & 11 calculations)
bullet point Round Mark Sheets
bullet point Overall Placing Summary - placing all competitors from first to last.
bullet point Emcee and Competitor Notification Sheets
bullet point Adjudicator's Mark Sheets (Mark sheets required for next round)
bullet point Input Validation Sheets
bullet point Reprints of any report for any round can be produced
bullet point Bulk reprint facility - create a full set of reports with one click
bullet point Blank copies of all forms can be produced as required
bullet point Languages currently supported by reporting module:
bullet point English
bullet point Spanish
bullet point Portuguese
bullet point French
bullet point French-Canadian
bullet point Italian
bullet point Dutch
bullet point Icelandic
Internet Functions
bullet point All reports can be produced in PDF format for distribution via the internet
bullet point HTML Finalists list including placing and dances won
Database Support / Multi-User
bullet point Seamless Networking
bullet point Enables multiple users to connect and share data via a local area network
bullet point No copying files to share data
bullet point Allows multiple scrutineers to work on database simultaneously
bullet point Multiple competition events can be stored in the same database
bullet point Database backup facilities
bullet point Context sensitive help on all screens
bullet point Help system conforms to Microsoft Help Standards - Content, index and search facilities
bullet point Help menu and help button on main system menu
bullet point Support via web site, email and telephone
bullet point International Distribution Channel
Operating Systems Supported
bullet point Microsoft Windows Vista
bullet point Microsoft Windows XP
bullet point Microsoft Windows 2000
bullet point Microsoft Windows 98
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